SKF Machine Condition Indicator

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Condition monitoring of critical equipment to anticipate and prevent unexpected failure has always played a key role in plant maintenance. Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. Using a machine condition indicator (MCI) will help you monitor the condition and performance of your machines and equipment. This product is designed for rotating machinery measuring vibration and temperature of the machine at a low cost.
The SKF Machine Condition Indicator periodically makes two types of vibration measurement. Velocity measurements are made to keep track of overall machine health and highlight potential problems relating to misalignment and imbalance. Enveloped acceleration measurements are used to detect possible bearing degradation. In addition, the device monitors machine operating temperature. The SKF Machine Condition Indicator also features built-in intelligence for measurement evaluations and to avoid false alarms, with an alarm status visually indicated via three LED’s. The indicator is fixed to the machine and runs on battery.


Including thermal imaging, vibration monitoring and electrical test equipment, our product range will help you monitor and control your working environment, helping you achieve optimum conditions along with energy and cost savings. All products come with full manufacturer warranty and technical back-up.



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