Oil Refining

Brammer supplies MRO prodcucts and services to some of Europe’s biggest refining companies, giving us a thorough appreciation of the issues and challenges faced by the sector.

We appreciate how crucial issues like availability, health and safety and energy conservation are to you and your business. We also understand the industry specific challenges you face, including:

  • Explosive and hazardous environments
  • High operating temperatures and pressures
  • The use of flammable substances

Each of these impacts on life of your equipment, and your purchasing profile. We therefore understand the need for high quality parts, as well as the importance of working with you to help you achieve optimal efficiency across your process. We have the products and expertise to help address these challenges, and can apply our experience to give you the very best MRO support possible.

MRO products we supply for the refining industry include: mechanical seals; ATEX motors; heavy duty chains; pumps; disc couplings; gate valves; air preparation; gaskets; butterfly valves; cooper bearings.

Please click on the schematic below to find out more about how we’ll help you.

View Oil Schematic

Oil Schematic

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