Brammer was established in Leeds, UK, in 1920 when the founder - Harry Brammer – raised capital on the back of his trademarked inventions. These included a detachable ‘V’ link belt, which helped alleviate a common production problem in shoe and clog making machinery.

By 1954, H Brammer & Company Ltd employed more than 150 people, and had begun exporting globally. By 1960 the company had gone public, employed 650 people and had customers in more than 60 overseas markets.

In 1969, Brammer acquired Bearing Service Limited, one of the UK’s largest distributors of replacement industrial bearings. Marking a step-change in Brammer’s capability, it was also the first in an on-going series of European acquisitions (see timeline below) which would gradually turn Brammer into Europe’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions.

In 2006, all of these businesses were brought together under the Brammer name, allowing us to focus on our key strategic priority of delivering added value services to customers across Europe. The effectiveness of this approach is reflected in the size and success of the group. Today, we employ 3,600 people in over 460 locations across 23 countries.

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