Energy survey/monitoring

Energy Survey/Monitoring

Brammer can undertake a comprehensive energy survey of your production facility. We will identify wastage and recommend products which could dramatically reduce unnecessary energy loss. Ensuring that your business is using the most energy efficient products currently available in your production operations, we will also make the most of our knowledge and expertise to help you secure relevant funding to support their implementation.

Due to an ever increasing awareness of climate change, manufacturers across Europe are coming under increasing pressure to meet green targets and reduce energy consumption.  Brammer understands that, as manufacturers, our customers recognise their responsibility but our findings indicate that there is a great deal more that could be done.

Brammer conducted a key survey on potential energy savings and figures suggest that manufacturing companies across Europe are failing to capitalise on more than €10 billion of potential energy savings at their plants.

We have seen that mechanical power transmission products (MPT) such as motors, bearings and belts as well as fluid power products, such as hydraulics and pneumatics, used throughout manufacturing plants across Europe are being overlooked despite representing a considerable possible saving in both financial and environmental terms.

Brammer discovered that only 6% of our customers believe they have already made all the savings possible. Although most (60%) are in the process of planning or implementing energy savings, crucially very are including industrial product purchases in these plans, where the most substantial savings are to be made.

By helping our customers to realise just how large a role MPT and fluid power products can play in this, Brammer can help these same manufacturers to easily and effectively make substantial energy savings.

To learn how we helped Cadbury deliver carbon savings, please click here.

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