Control Gear & Switch Gear

Control gear & switchgear

Our extensive range of products includes Telemecanique push buttons and pilot devices that offer:

  • High-quality standard IP66 up to IP 69K with conformity to the most demanding international standards
  • Speed and reliability, metal clip-on and indexed components for easy, fast and consistent operations
  • Patented LED technology, up to 80% reduction in energy consumption and 10 years life time
  • Contact blocks, unique screw clamp optimised for mechanical shock and vibration
  • Accessories, specific contact blocks, padlocking kits, guards, IP69K boots

We supply a full range of tower lights and beacons for indoor and outdoor signalling up to 50m:

  • High performance protected LED, expanded life time up to 100, 000 hours and low energy consumption
  • Intensive signal, through 6 high brightness and true colours
  • Flexibility of the offering, 45, 50 or 70mm Ø, steady, flashing light or flash discharge tube
  • Robustness and safety, up to IP66 and resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • Simple and quick installation

Our product range also includes the most complete range of Limit Switches on the market:

  • More than 5000 interchangeable configurations across light, medium and heavy formats
  • High-flexibility, fast assembly with interchangeable components between 5 ranges: heads, contacts, cable glands
  • Minimum downtime and maintenance, 40% wiring operation, interchangeable contact block or body with contacts
  • Unique safety performance, Unique 3 and 4 contact blocks on the market with positive snap action

We also supply high-quality photo-electric sensors and accessories, including reflectors and cables.

You can choose from a comprehensive selection of relays:

  • High quality standard, conformity to the most demanding standard, UL, CSA, CE, CCC
  • Wide range including accessories, various protection modules and indication circuit (LED)
  • Ranges with modern design, ergonomic standard design in interface, miniature and universal format
  • Solid-state relay offer for high-frequency switching, low noise and very long life

We stock Telemecanique Tesys control gear, including Tesys: Vario switch disconnectors; GV2ME motor circuit breakers; Model D contractors; LR-D thermal overload relays; Model D control relays - and more.

All products come with full manufacturer warranty and technical back-up.

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