Control of Japanese Products

This document confirms Brammer’s procedure for the management of goods entering the national supply chains that have been manufactured in Japan, or assembled from Japanese supplied components, following the earthquake that struck the north-east coast of Japan in March 2011, and subsequent radioactive contamination of the surrounding region.
Since this event, Brammer plc has required all Japanese suppliers to confirm they have safety checks in place to prevent any potentially contaminated products being shipped to Europe. Furthermore, all Japanese exports from the affected region are being checked for radioactive contamination at sea and air freight ports prior to shipping. Similar checks are being conducted at Europe’s busiest seaport, Rotterdam, and at all other major European seaports.
According to the assessment of responsible public authorities, including our direct consultation with the national Health & Safety Executive, there is no reason for Brammer to implement additional procedures for the import of goods from Japan.
None of the stock held at our European National Distribution Centres, or in any of our branches or customer site based services, has been exposed to the radiation from Japan.
We will continue to ensure the highest levels of safety by ensuring that our Japanese based supply chain maintains a radiation checking regime until such time that the International community and bodies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency believe there is no radiation contamination risk from Japanese manufactured goods.
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