Brammer to the rescue

A rapid out-of-hours response from Brammer has helped save an estimated 250,000 in lost production time at a large UK oil refinery.

Early on a Saturday evening, technicians noted that the combustion air flow to one of the furnaces had suddenly dropped, causing the furnace to trip.

The fault was traced to a failed coupling, for which no spare was available on site, while it was not possible to engineer a makeshift coupling to keep the unit running until Monday.

When the in-house team were unable to contact their usual MRO supplier, they contacted Brammer’s National Distribution Centre in Wolverhampton who advised the coupling was available in stock and arranged to transport it by courier to the site immediately.

The part arrived shortly after midnight and was installed within an hour, with the furnace then fully operational.

The quick response from Brammer avoided a three-day shutdown of part of the facility which would have resulted in an estimated £300,000 of lost production. As it was, the downtime lasted only around 12 hours, a loss of approximately £50,000.

As a direct result of Brammer’s responsiveness, therefore, some £250,000 was saved.

Ian Ritchie, Managing Director of Brammer UK, commented: “Unanticipated failure of production-critical components is one of the key causes of production downtime in almost all industry sectors and has the potential to be extremely costly.

“Our ethos at Brammer is about maintaining an extensive and varied stock of the components we understand to be most vital to our customers – and being prepared to go the extra mile to get them to where they are needed, even out of hours as in this instance.”

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