Brammer awarded Tata Steel Europe Contractor of the Year Award

Brammer has been named Contractor of the Year by Tata Steel Europe (TSE) UK in Port Talbot.
As part of TSE’s annual Recognising Success Awards scheme, Brammer was presented with the award for the training it provides to the pioneering global steel company. The courses provided cover the installation, maintenance and safety procedures for products supplied by Brammer, including transmission belts; gearboxes; chains; lubricants; and plain, roller and ball bearings. Each course is specifically tailored to the exact products used at the TSE Port Talbot facility, including bearings and gearboxes, with support from Brammer suppliers such as NSK and Siemens.
As well as spares, Brammer provides a range of inventory management services to TSE at Port Talbot as well as the company’s other facilities.
Dean Jones, head of Brammer’s continuous improvement team based at Port Talbot, explained: “Our partnership with TSE has so far delivered £2.2m of cost saving opportunities, and to maximise this it’s vital that all engineers are working in the most effective way. In 2012 we delivered our courses to almost 200 trainees, ensuring that they have the skills to work efficiently and safely, and we’re delighted to have been recognised by TSE for the high-level training we provide.
“The stores transformation programme being implemented by Brammer and TSE has also resulted in closer co-operation and alignment between the engineering, procurement, stores and finance departments, and effective training is a key part of this achievement.”
TSE is committed to sustaining the steel industry in Wales. One aspect of their journey is to improve technical craft competency in support of the Company’s 'Engineering Excellence' programme. Graham Lewis, Senior Sourcing Lead at TSE said: "The training provided to employees by Brammer is effective and engaging, and supports the vital cost-saving efforts we have made in optimising our stores processes. We highly value our partnership with Brammer, and it has made a real difference to our manufacturing operations. Together we make the difference."


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