Brammer celebrates its 400 Insites™ across Europe

In 2003 Brammer – Europe’s leading supplier of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) products and services – introduced its first Insite™ to a valued customer. The solution enables Brammer’s Manufacturing customers to outsource some or all of their MRO procurement and management functions to a Brammer expert providing major sustainable cost savings and maximising productivity. Now in its 11 years Brammer are proud to welcome their 400th Insite™ and look forward to a future of serving many more customers with the Brammer Insite Solution.

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, European manufacturers cannot afford to carry any unnecessary costs. Yet in most manufacturing operations, the opportunities to capitalise on the efficiencies and cost savings offered by MRO are often overlooked. The low unit cost together with the sheer complexity of MRO parts, the demands of production efficiency and the increasing technical sophistication of processing and production means that few organisations want to devote time and attention into continuous improvements and cost savings in this area. Brammer’s Insite™ solution recognises and resolves these concerns, placing one or more Brammer Insite™ personnel at the customer’s premises to work either on a full or part-time basis.

Brammer Insites™ provide sourcing, technical and stores consultancy, have access to Brammer’s ERP system and are fully focused on meeting their customer’s needs through the provision of an agreed menu of services with regard to stock, procurement and production. Crucially, it is this exclusive access to Brammer’s resources and knowledge in terms of technical expertise, purchasing know-how and inventory management that enables Brammer Insite™ customers to benefit from tangible production efficiency improvement and real cost savings.

Indeed, Piotr Kokoszka, Insite™ Development Manager at Brammer, explained: “This is our ‘branch within a plant’ – a concept that’s proved extremely popular with our customers over the last 11 years. Since 2013, we have opened more than 70 new Insites™, bringing the total across Europe to over 400, and we look forward to increasing cost savings for even more customers going forward through our Insite™ solution”.

Delphi – one of the world’s largest automotive parts manufacturing companies – is one such customer who has made substantial cost savings through Brammer’s Insite™ solution. Delphi set up a Brammer Insite™ in its Barcelona plant to help reduce costs whilst maintaining production efficiency and output. The Insite™ manager began by reviewing the plant’s existing supply, stock consumption and spend, before working with Delphi to implement improvements, as well as organising workshops with suppliers and Delphi the maintenance team and site engineers to share ideas to further improve cost and profitability enabling cost savings in excess of €74,000.

Luis Villalba, Cost Improvement Plant leader at Delphi, stated: “The relationship between Delphi and Brammer is very close and they are quick to respond to any questions. They deliver capability, they deliver confidence; they know what they’re talking about.”

Delphi is just one of the hundreds of Brammer customers across Europe that benefit from having a Brammer employee working for them, in a store or at a desk in their premises, to increase their production efficiency whilst reducing total acquisition costs and working capital.

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